With the digital market becoming more competitive, 3Shape has officially launched a new line of scanners and they have overhauled their annual renewal program. In light of these changes, it is affordable for even the one-man lab to go digital for less than $200 a month! What does this mean for Whip Mix? As a family owned and operated company on its 4th generation, we have taken pride in building our name and reputation on manufacturing investment, gypsum and equipment for all labs, big and small… we can now provide cost effective digital equipment and help even the smallest lab grow their business with that personalized technical support that they have come to expect and love over the last 98 years.

The D500 has been discontinued. The D750 scanner is being replaced by the E1, the D850 is being replaced by the E2 and the D900L is being replaced by the E3. With that being said, the D1000 and D2000 scanners are still going strong and will continue to be a viable option for the dental lab looking for a high production scanner and the capability of the All-In-One scanning feature with the D2000.

The new E series scanners and the D series scanners are available with two options for software. You can either go with Crown & Bridge software or Dental System Premium. If you chose to go with the Crown & Bridge Software, you can save anywhere between $1,000 and $1,500 depending on which scanner you go with.

So what is the difference between Crown & Bridge and Dental System Premium?

3Shape Dental System Configuration_blog.jpg

3Shape Dental System Configuration_2-blog.jpg

The standard mandatory annual renewal program is now called LabCare. To ensure that 3Shape has a solution for all labs, 3Shape has expanded their offerings around LabCare to now include two models. For the new E series scanner LabCare is optional and for the D series scanners LabCare is mandatory.  So let’s take a closer look at those options:

LabCare Models 3Shape LabCare
The comprehensive service package that keeps you ahead and constantly  productive
NEW Basic package
Limited services with no subscription payment for the cost-conscience  lab
Software upgrades - New software releases with latest developments including libraries All Patches only
Global Support - Authorized experts help you in your local language and time-zone.  Yes  Pay per call
Training & events - Comprehensive user events and trainings by leading dental technicians & 3Shape  experts Yes  
Special discounts - Save money on additional scanners and software Up to 25%  
Availability - The packages are available with the following scanners  All scanners E1, E2 & E3

Now that we have covered some important details, let take a look at the new sleek E series scanners and see how they compare to the D series models they are replacing.  

3Shape E Series vs D Series Infographic (1).png

Last but not least, to add peace of mind, 3Shape is now offering a 5 Year Warranty and Replacement Service to all LabCare subscribers. This will ensure scanner repair and scanner replacement within 48 hours to avoid downtime. This is an add-on service for the E1, E2 and E3 scanners, however it will come standard with the D1000 and D2000 scanners.

Quality and affordability now go hand in hand with the new 3Shape E series scanners. Determine which scanner would best suit your needs and go digital!



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