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Andy Steinbock: Celebrating 44 Years of Service in the Dental Indstury & Whip Mix

Way back in 1971, my older brother, Andy Steinbock, started working in the Whip Mix maintenance department while waiting for...

A Look Back at 9 Key Moments in Dentistry [Infographic]

We all have had moments in our life that have helped shape us into who we are today. The same holds true for the United...

ED Steinbock, Sr is What Bourbon and Dental Stone had in Common

My Grandpa, Edmund A. Steinbock, Sr. was born in Louisville in 1894. His father, Edmund, had immigrated around 1882 to...

Lilies, Fillies & The Kentucky Derby
If you don't live in Kentucky and don't follow horse racing, then you probably haven't heard of the Longines Kentucky Oaks
Robert Neiman, a Lifetime of Whipping and Mixing

As promised last month, I want to share with you some insight into a remarkable Whip Mix co-worker, Mr. Robert Neiman.  His...


Disclaimer:  This chapter of my history blog contains very little Whip Mix history, but chronicles at a distance of 50 years...

The “Baby” Stuart

Dr. Charles E. Stuart was always “Charlie” to me from when we first met in 1962 when I was a young teenager. While not a...

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