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Why Can't I Transfer a Case from One Articulator Brand to Another?

A commonly asked question is: ‘Why can’t I transfer a case from one articulator brand to another?'

The answer is simple...

Steam, Stick, and Spray, oh my! Tips for Cleaning Your Articulator

As a company, Whip Mix has its name in over 70 dental schools across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Whether your school...

MaxAlign & The Edentulous Patient

Function and esthetics go hand in hand, and being able to deliver a set of dentures that fit correctly as well as looks nice...

[Video] Why Do We Need Bite Records, Facebow Transfers & Semi-Adjustable Articulators?

The success of any restorative case is only as good as the data that is captured. When dealing with 3+ unit restorative...

Functional Occlusion in the Dental Lab: Understanding the 3 Classes of Occlusion

Occlusion is defined as making contact with the surface of an opposing tooth when the jaws are closed. As dental...

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