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[Video] Why Do We Need Bite Records, Facebow Transfers & Semi-Adjustable Articulators?

The success of any restorative case is only as good as the data that is captured. When dealing with 3+ unit restorative...

Soft Denture Liners: More Than A Last Resort

While conducting a product concept review meeting with about 14 dentists in attendance, the question was raised, “do you...

Functional Occlusion in the Dental Lab: Understanding the 3 Classes of Occlusion

Occlusion is defined as making contact with the surface of an opposing tooth when the jaws are closed. As dental...

How to Work with the MainStay Disposable Articulators [Video]
Articulators are designed to replicate the hinge movements of the  mandible, however  they differ greatly in their cost,...
Why You Should Incorporate the Mark 300 Series in Your Dental Practice

There are many reasons why I would advocate the use of the Mark 300 Series articulators in a dental practice and none of...

How to Utilize the Esthetic CrossRef in the Dental Lab

The Esthetic CrossRef Centered Bite Record or CrossRef for short, is a useful tool for translating the patient’s midline...

How to Make a Custom Anterior Guide Table

Most patients who come to a dental office for occlusion related treatment will have normal occlusion. However, if your...


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