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Pumice Preppies & Abrasivity

 Pumice Preppies is a great product for use in the clinical setting as a cleaner. Dentists and Hygienists alike use this...

Converting Your Whip Mix, Denar or Hanau Articulator to Magnetic Mounting

Screw retention has been the preferred method of retaining mounting plates to articulators for many years. However, the...

Functional Occlusion in the Digital Age [Webinar]

The development of a proper occlusal relationship between the arches is one of the most important elements of restorative...

The Importance of Calibration in Adjustable Articulators

In two previous blogs we discussed the transferability between articulators. One of our followers suggested that we address...

Reasons to Attend ACSDD 2017

The Academy of Clinical Sleep Disorders Discipline (ACSDD) is dedicated to bringing together thought-provoking leaders from...

Top 3 Reasons to Visit the ADA 2017 in Atlanta


Whip Mix is excited to return to the great state of Georgia for ADA 2017 – America’s Dental Meeting®. October 19-23.


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