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From time to time, we review our products for increased efficiency and function. In an effort to standardize the door gaskets for the model trimmer and ensure the highest quality, Whip Mix will be making changes in the door gasket material.

Currently the 1/2 HP 12” and 1/3 HP 10” trimmers use a hollow rigid tube shaped gasket (7.14mm) cut to a particular length for each size with separate item numbers.

 As of the end of 2017, the 3/4 HP trimmer, uses the same size gasket and not the solid foam style gasket (5.88mm), which has been in use for some time.

When 3/4 HP 12” trimmers, built before year-end 2017, are sent in for repairs and are in need of a gasket, they would either need to have the gasket trench machined to receive the new larger gasket or use the old style foam gasket if it is still available.

When ordering a gasket for a trimmer, it is important to know:

  • which HP trimmer needs the gasket
  • the serial number (specifically on the 3/4 HP unit)

This helps us to determine if an old foam or new hollow gasket is necessary.

Tracking the Serial Number helps Whip Mix to determine the manufacturing date of your machine. Sometimes these serial numbers are ‘rubbed off’ in the process of daily use. It is a good idea to record the Serial Number and file it with the Instructions for use of the machine.

These machines have one of the most lenient warranties in the industry with three (3) year all-inclusive coverage. We begin that coverage at the date of invoice (or the manufacturing date, if there if there is no invoice), so you might want to keep a copy of that invoice with the instructions too!

Whip Mix Technical Support is committed to helping you with the best products and support services.


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