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ProJet 1200 Materials: FTX Green vs. FTX Cast [In 150 Words]

At the end of last year, 3D Systems introduced a new material for use with the ProJet 1200, VisiJet FTX Cast. This new...

5 Things We Know About the New 3Shape Dental Scanners

Lab Day was a huge success, several Whip Mix team members were there chatting with everyone about all of the exciting new...

3Shape Quick Tip: The F1 Key Is Your New Best Friend

Have you ever been working on a design and not sure where to go next or can’t remember how do something? Even though the...

3Shape Quick Tip: How Do I Update a License On My Dongle?
A question I get asked a lot is: How do I update a license on my dongle. This is actually a pretty easy question to answer....
The Benefits of Being a TRIOS® Ready Dental Lab

Becoming a digital dental lab does come with challenges, but once the transition is complete the possibilities it brings...

What Is The Difference Between 3Shape CAD Points & Client Points?

Whether a customer is new to 3Shape or not, we get a lot of questions surrounding 3Shape Client Points and CAD Points. Are...


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