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The Lower Lingual Extension Using Preference Soft Denture Liner

With Removable Cases, the lower is often the greatest source of headache. The suction we rely on to retain the upper denture...

Regulations: The Use of "Off-The-Shelf" Chemicals in The Dental lab

With the New Year comes the need to review all of our regulations and make sure that our labs are up to standard. This...

Chairside vs Lab Processed Soft Denture Liner

In previous blogs I’ve talked about why Preference Soft Denture Liner material is better than chairside soft reline...

5 Lessons Learned While Working with Preference Soft Denture Liner

We are coming up shortly to the end of the second year of the introduction of the Preference Soft Denture Liner, so I...

The Longstanding PRO 100 Series Porcelain Furnace


I know most of you aren’t going to like what I have to say, but nothing lasts forever. There I said it, I know it hurts...

BANG! Exploding Model Trimmer Wheels

BANG!! Not a sound we ever want to hear in the laboratory or the dental office. If you do, it generally means that something...

Hard or Soft: Reliners for the Edentulous Patient

One thing that we have to agree upon is that relines are necessary for the edentulous patient. The argument that we have...


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