What is the value of technical support?

A technical support team can help resolve almost any issue you have. Technical support can train you on specific software, digital workflows and provide you with the inside track on software updates and features. This helps to free you up to focus on the most important cases and enables you to assist other employees.

In addition, technical support is made up of experts who are available to answer your technical questions, from installation to ensuring you’ll be able to use products efficiently and productively.

Have you ever tried to get help from a company you purchased a product from only to be stuck in an endless maze of prompts? Or the email you sent ends up in a black hole? Perhaps they told you that you had to deal directly with the manufacturer.

Buy your digital equipment, software, or supplies from Whip Mix and you will also receive peace-of-mind, just knowing you’ll be reaching your full digital potential, worry-free, stress-free and hassle-free.

Why You Need a Technical Support Service

In today’s digital world, many companies say they offer technical support but so few can really deliver on that promise. If you purchase your digital equipment from the Whip Mix Corporation, in addition to the products, this is what you will receive…

Peace of mind – One of the best values provided by having a technical support team is peace of mind. Should all hell break loose, you do not need to worry about a thing. They are there to bail you out with any major issues that may go down. You can reduce stress and worry just knowing effective technical support is available.

Training and Know How – You receive one-on-one training with the product you purchased. During your training, you’ll learn about the software, as well as learn why and how a problem may have occurred. As a result, you will be in a better position to resolve those problems in the future and implement a solution to case designs.

Issue Resolution –If you are in a pinch, you want someone who has the expertise to bail you out in a timely manner. The reason so many labs and dentist purchase from Whip Mix is because we are no strangers to supporting products we manufacture and sell. After being around for over 100 years, you learn a few things about value that are worthy to share.

Expertise – Whip Mix has Certified Dental Technicians, certified 3Shape trainers, certified Roland Service Representatives and certified Asiga trainers on staff to provide service and technical support that is truly unmatched in the industry. They work with the products all day every day in a production environment. This expertise and hands on experience provides you more insightful tidbits of knowledge and quicker resolution times. They are expert with the software or equipment they are supporting.

Knowledge base, documentation, and videos – In addition to personal live support, we have a resource center you can access 24 hours a day on our website (whipmix.com) and YouTube channel. You will find documentation and training videos for the products we sell. Even if we do not have what you are looking for, we can assist you in locating it. This is always a great place to start for new hires.

Assistance – For many dental laboratories, there is only one person that is responsible for resolving issues, implementing changes, working on technical aspects of a case, and other lab responsibilities. This can be a lot to take on. Having external technical support to lean on can be extremely useful. We are here to assist you throughout your digital journey. Consider us part of your team, a partner in achieving the best digital workflow.

Collaboration – With technical support, you get advice on whatever you may be working on. Discussing your task or issue with a support technician can provide you with a solution or an alternate approach. Collaborating with technical support can be very valuable and save you time. In fact, Whip Mix’s annual Digital Forum was designed for this very purpose -- collaboration and synergy within the industry.

Relationships – When you purchase from Whip Mix, you effectively gain a business partner. You have invested in us, and in return, we invest in you. A support service builds a relationship with you and is not only there to assist you, but to also help you grow. They want you to succeed, as much as you do. In addition to the business relationship, a personal relationship is also established. The personal relationship allows a support technician to tailor their work in a way that is most beneficial to you based upon your knowledge, tendencies, and goals.

Whip Mix technical support is comprehensive, since you are working with a technician that is the expert on the product. Sometimes, it may come in the form of a knowledge, sometimes documentation, or sometimes even videos provided on our website or YouTube channel. Regardless of the media in which support is given, it is important to have this support when you need it most.

These are many reasons so many dentist and laboratory owners purchase from Whip Mix. One is because they know they have access to a world-class technical support team that can train, fix, or resolve critical issues that you may encounter.

In addition to great technical support, ask us about our Service Level Agreements.

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