Fighting Bug Poop!

Sharon Britt
By Sharon Britt - April 14, 2022

Since the Covid pandemic started, some dental patients are becoming concerned about bacteria.  This new awareness of the link between dental appliances and bacteria can be an opportunity for the Dental Office and Labs. Why? Because people are now more receptive than ever to listening to suggestions for better oral appliance hygiene and care. It is our job to help them understand that poor oral appliance care can possibly affect their overall health.  

Unique Health Product

Whip Mix now offers Dr. Mark’s HyGenie, a new health product to help your patients with appliance hygiene. It is a unique and effective way to address their concerns.

Dentists work together with Lab Technicians daily to help solve a multitude of dental issues for patients by providing them with splints, nightguards, retainers, lots of sports mouthguards, sleep appliances, partials, and dentures.

However, it’s the Hygienists and Dental Assistants that are often the first to see the patients with poor hygiene and removable oral appliances, because they are often tasked with cleaning them during office visits. Generally, that’s done even before the doctor has to handle them. So dentists may never even see how neglected these patients’ oral appliances are.

The Problem

All health professionals have seen those removable appliances that over time have become stained, moldy, or calculus-covered, sometimes with months’ or even years’ of bacterial waste. Yes, they are the oral appliances covered with “Bug Poop!” that forms when adults and kids don’t clean their removable oral appliances properly. I bet you can visualize the faces of some of those patients in your mind right now.

Think about those kids, teenagers, college students and adults who are throwing their aligners and sports mouthguards in the bottom of a smelly gym bag, shoving it into a backpack, or dropping it into the bottom of a purse. The question is, what other bacteria growing in those conditions could make their oral appliance unhealthy when they place the appliance back in their mouth?

Plus, don’t forget some of those older patients who come in with broken partials or dentures because they did not clean and store them properly? Who hasn’t heard from a patient who says “their dog ate the appliance” because they left it sitting out on the counter or on the bed stand. These stories are endless!

What can you do?

As Dental Professionals, we need to continue to educate patients that unclean removable oral appliances can impact their overall health. In fact, research has revealed that at least 40% of retainers have potentially dangerous microbes growing on them (eww!). We know that for some patients, a toothbrush and toothpaste just doesn’t do the job, and no matter what they do, they can’t get that awful smell out of their appliance.

Now there is a better way to clean and care for those appliances! It’s a simple, all-in-one handheld device that cleans, stores and protects all types of removable dental appliances. It is called Dr. Mark’s HyGenie Appliance or Denture Kit.

What is HyGenie?

The HyGenie itself is a hand-held device featuring a built-in series of ‘clustered’ brushes that rotate in opposite directions, washing all surfaces of an appliance simultaneously. The concept comprises three elements – the Dr. Mark’s HyGenie, Dr. Mark’s Dental Fresh cleansing gel and running water. The gel and water flow through the perforated, locked casing with the set of interlocking clustered brushes. Afterward, the device can also store most dental appliances, making it a very useful.

The new HyGenie system includes Dr. Mark’s HyGenie Device, DentalFresh Cleansing Gel, and SureGrip Denture Brush.

How does the DentalFresh Gel work?

Dr. Mark’s HyGenie DentalFresh cleaning gel is:

  • Custom formulated for all types of dental appliances
  • Attacks germs and bacteria in seconds
  • Alcohol, bleach and paraben-free, safe for children
  • Washes away biofilms and food particles
  • Perfectly pH balanced at 5.5, ideal for dissolving calculous and plaque over time
  • Contains peppermint oil for natural antibacterial action and minty freshness
  • Comes in a flip-top easy squeeze 125ml tube
  • Will last 7-8 months and does not expire

Sounds interesting. Now what?

Some Dentists and Labs offer patients these cleaning kits and cleaning gel soap along with the oral appliances, aligners, splints, mouth guards, sports guards, or dentures they are making as part of their patient’s treatment plan. Having a safe and healthy way of cleaning and storing any removable oral appliance or denture is always important!

Other Dentists and Dental Labs are stocking some of these HyGenie Kits and DentalFresh Gel to sell to patients and to keep on hand for reorders. It is just like some do with electric toothbrushes, denture brushes, or other oral appliance and denture containers.  

How do I buy the Hygiene System?

Anyone in the US is welcome to order the HyGenie products directly from Whip Mix on our Whip Mix Shop site. Use then just click on the Clinical & Diagnosis area to find it all. 

You are also free to share any of this HyGenie information with your patients, family, or friends.  You can even share it in your Lab or Dentist Newsletters, or other Marketing Materials.  

Another side benefit

Did you know these cleaning kits with fresh tasting gel soap would make great gifts for friends and relatives? Use them as a donation item for sport activities, community, or church activities you may support or contribute too (They are really inexpensive!).  Offer these kits as a door prize for any educational classes a Dentist or Lab is giving or sponsoring.  

Educate some assisted living and nursing home caregivers, and other medical people about this appliance and denture cleaning system to improve oral health. Better yet, order a couple of the HyGenie Denture Kits and send them to an Assisted Living or Nursing Home to help some Seniors. 

Want to learn more about Dr. Mark’s HyGenie? Contact Sharon Britt 800-626-5651 x 1270.  You know, I am always happy to help you! 

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