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The Easy Pour & Articulation Technique for the MainStay Articulator

While most articulators are designed to replicate the hinge movements of the mandible, they differ greatly in their cost,...

Getting the Most from Your Mark 300 Series Articulator

There is a lot of praise for the Denar Mark 300 Series articulators out on the market and for good reason; they are a great...

7 Things to Remember When Mounting Cases Using a Face-bow Record

With a growing emphasis on esthetics, more dentists are starting to take a face-bow record and sending it along with the...

10 Tips for Maintaining Your Articulator & Face-bow

When I visit dental schools and speak with faculty members, or attend dental meetings, I am amazed and impressed with the...

Common Occlusion Terms Every Dental Lab Technician Must Know

Dentistry has a common language, and it is important that Technicians, Dentists, Dental Assistants & Hygienists are all...

Achieving Effective Doctor-Laboratory Communication

One of the most frustrating setbacks on an aesthetic dental treatment is having major discrepancies in the vertical axis of...


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