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Understanding Today's Milling Materials [eBook]

Zirconia used as an indirect dental restorative material has become the defacto standard due to its unique ability to be...

3 Things to Consider When Coloring Full Contour Zirconia

Let’s face it, achieving spot on shades with full contour zirconia isn’t always easy. There are so many variables that can...

Four Contributing Factors to Ensure Beautiful Restorations

Properly fired, natural-looking restorations are the result of only a few considerations. These limited but critical factors...

Understanding Today's Milling Materials: Vericore Gradient PMMA

The list of milling materials available for the dental laboratory industry has expanded rapidly over the last few years....

Understanding Today's Milling Materials: Zirconia Blocks and Isostatic Pressing

Open any of the dental technical periodicals and you will see ad upon ad for Zirconia materials. With many choices available...

Are All Zirconia Discs the Same?

Did you know that there were over 50 zirconia disc providers at this year’s LMT Lab Day? That gives dental labs a host of...

Unwrapping the Mystery of Pressing to Zirconia

The esthetics and efficiency of milling wax patterns over zirconia copings have brought the efficiency and production of...


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