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The Do's And Don'ts of Gypsum Model Preparation

Digital technology has taken over many dental labs, reducing the need for gypsum models and other traditional techniques....

How to Work with Gypsum Based Stones

The physical and mechanical properties of Gypsum can be manipulated by procedures that influence the difference in...

5 Steps to Fabricating Crown & Bridge Models

The following are step-by-step procedures for fabricating crown and bridge working models with sectioned, removable dies...

4 Simple Steps for Maintaining Your Whip Mix Model Trimmer

Model Trimmers are a staple of the dental laboratory. Although they are a work horse, they are often treated with disregard...

Nine Points to Consider When Selecting a Die Stone

By Craig Pickett CDT, RGTechnical Support Manager, Whip Mix

Seven Steps for Gypsum Model Preparation

Even with the latest developments in scanning and milling restorations, the use of gypsum based materials is essential to...


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