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What to Measure in Your Digital Lab Business and Why!

 Peter Drucker, well-known business and management educator is quoted as saying “What gets measured gets improved.” Dental...

Three Factors Changing the Future of Dental Lab Business

The future..

The business environment for the dental lab will not undergo a sudden, dramatic change but the changes will...

Lean in the Lab: Focus on Training to Improve Productivity

The American Productivity and Quality Center (APQC) periodically conducts a survey asking organizations about the average...

The Digital Dental Lab World Is Here…Oh Boy!

Many of you recently attended LMT Lab Day and/or the Cal-Lab exhibition in Chicago. Five(?) years ago the number of...

Lean in the Lab: Get Your Employees Involved

Many of you have been kind enough to share your stories and challenges with me as I spent my 2nd year in the dental lab...

Lean in the Dental Lab: Focus on the Process for More Profits!

A Dental Lab can really help sales and profits by learning and applying the philosophies and tools of Lean Manufacturing....

Lean Analysis To Drive Your Improvement Plans

Many dental lab owners have read or heard about the benefits of Lean principles. The big uncertainty is gaining an...


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