3D printing is sweeping the dental laboratory industry, and along with it, a variety of new resin printing materials that can vary in their properties and chemistries. This webinar will cover the physical and mechanical properties of these materials to help you ensure your lab is using the optimal materials for each application. It will include how to qualify resins for different printer types, what tests are done to ensure quality, how to effectively post-cure each type and there will be several important tips for those labs presently 3D printing.



Cory Lambertson
Technical Services Representative, Whip Mix Corporation
As a certified 3Shape and Roland trainer, Cory develops and conducts CAD/CAM equipment & software training and provides technical support/assistance to our digital customers. Before joining Whip Mix, he worked for 2-years in his father’s dental laboratory, Heartland Dental Laboratory in Hillsdale Michigan as a 3Shape Cad/Cam Technician. Cory received his Bachelors of Science in Finance from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.



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