In today's dental climate, it is more important than ever for the lab to partner with its clients and help them in new and exciting ways that make it easier for them to excel in the very competitive marketplace.

In part 2, we dig into all the different 3D printing technologies available today. There are many different printers employing different technologies making it very difficult to separate fact from fiction and understand what is REALLY going on.

This program will answer all the important questions and dissect all the terminology and variables, giving the viewer all the information he or she needs to make a well informed decision when buying a 3D printer.



Al Fillastre, CDT
Owner, Ceram-O-Arts Dental Lab
Al Fillastre, C.D.T., received his B.S. degree from Stetson University in 1975, then worked in a variety of commercial laboratories, before returning to Lakeland in 1979 where he began working in his own laboratory alongside his father, Dr. Alvin J. Fillastre. Since then, Al has become an accomplished technician in all disciplines within the Crown & Bridge laboratory. Al has lectured extensively to technicians and dentists alike on quality, excellence, communication, and technical skills. He also provides digital support to numerous labs in both design and production. Al presently owns and operates Ceram-O-Arts Dental Laboratory in Lakeland, Florida.



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