The webinar on Hanau’s Quint is designed to introduce the five factors affecting articulation and occlusion.

The objectives of the webinar are:

  1. To introduce Rudolph Hanau and his qualifications
  2. To introduce the five factors of Hanau’s Quint
  3. To learn how to apply and evaluate the five factors and problem solve malocclusion in all disciplines of dentistry.



Walt Richardson, CDT

Walt Richardson is a dental technician who partners with dentists, specialists, and technicians to understand and utilize the diagnostic and treatment planning process to resolve simple and complex dental situations. After many years in the dental industry, Walt believes that there is a direct relation of the proper planning of a case to a successful outcome of that case. This is true whether it be done orthodontically, restoratively, surgically, or a combination of the disciplines. All of this is accomplished by fully comprehending and utilizing the fundamentals of the masticatory system.

Walt has written articles and lectured nationally and internationally. Primarily focusing on mastering the diagnostic and treatment planning processes utilizing diagnostic wax ups. Ben Franklin’s quote, “Failure to plan is planning to fail”, is at the core of his passion for consulting and helping others to create successful patient results.

Walt holds an AA degree in dental laboratory technology from Montgomery College in Maryland. He has been a CDT for 40 years and is a Credentialed Technician with the Dawson Academy. Walt maintains membership with interdisciplinary study clubs and holds an associate faculty position with the Dawson Academy.



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