Part I of this 2-part series covers the tools and materials used while Part II will cover tips and techniques.  Within the 2-part series covered topics include but not limited to:

Covered topics include but not limited to:

  • Rationale and use of heat controlled waxing instruments, highlighting the Whip Mix Digital Touch-Wax carving pencil.
  • Wax choices for selective areas of the denture, and how melting temperatures and wax hardness effects the final appearance.
  • Understanding what constitutes natural looking contour and texture in the base, and techniques to attain subtlety in wax which projects a natural appearance.

Techniques and tips concerning framing the teeth in wax, and designing emergence profiles based on tooth position.



Thomas Zaleske
Thomas Zaleske is a member of the Association of Indiana Dental Laboratories and past founding member of the Chicagoland Dental Technicians Study Group. Tom has enjoyed 30+ years practicing as a dental technician and lab owner. His participation as an-in house technician, single technician lab owner, laboratory and manufacturing consultant, and product developer gives Tom a unique perspective, which is reflected in his presentation style.



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