Asiga 3D Printers

Fast, accurate, and affordable. The Asiga printer line is open to most resins. Designed for both desktop precision and large scale mass customized production, there is an Asiga printer that will meet your laboratory needs.

  • The Max is the world’s most advanced lab 3D printer offering exceptional productivity in a small footprint.
  • The Pro 4K utilizes the latest DLP imaging technology to achieve the largest print envelope in our range.


Whip Mix VeriBuild Printer

The VeriBuild LCD 3D Printer includes features rarely seen in economically priced printers. Whether this is your first 3D printer or an add-on for increased production, you can count on consistently high print quality and high accuracy at an affordable price for any lab – big or small.


Whip Mix Resins

Whip Mix offers a full line of resins for every type of print.

  • VeriSplint OS - for rigid and durable dental splints
  • VeriGuide OS - f0r high precision surgical guides for use in dental implant surgery
  • VeriModel OS - for printing models and removable dies - Available in Ivory, White, Golden Brown, and Grey
  • VeriCast - for crown and bridge burnout patterns and model casts
  • VeriTray - for custom tray impressions, and
  • Dentca Denture Resin - for all your digital denture needs!


Whip Mix offers you the highest quality 3D printers and resins backed by a team of expert professionals for support.


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