Modern Dental Technology has always had a friendly rivalry among fixed and removable technicians but with new technologies and restorative procedures, there is harmony in the lab. 

All restorations are not created equal when applying ideals of fixed occlusion to removable dental prosthetics. Although similar, the fixed technician must make a paradigm shift when evaluating jaw relations, tooth arrangement and tissue contour when looking through the scope of a removable technician. 

This webinar identifies the parallels and differences of removable and fixed dental technology. It’s dedicated to the fixed technician that wants to embrace their removable counterpart and vice versa. Learn what soft tissue landmarks are imperative for a removable product and in some cases, how it relates to occlusion and function with existing dentition. 

The equal union of the two worlds of dental technology is a partnership that is critical for the future of our profession.

Allie Williamson, CDT, TE
Dental Technology Education Specialist | Ottawa Dental Laboratory

Allie is a graduate of So. IL University at Carbondale with an Associate’s degree in Dental Laboratory Technology and a Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technical Studies.  Soon after starting her career Allie attained CDT (TE) status and entered a leadership role in a lab denture department. The experience strengthened her skills and opened opportunities to gain further knowledge from some very talented and respected mentors in the dental technology profession.

The passion for the profession motivated her to eventually open a full service lab. The success of this lab was not exclusively attributed to education and motivation. Allie is fortunate to have found a soulmate with the same career interest, Mark Williamson, CDT-DTG is her husband and her career partner. Together they grew Essex Dental Laboratory Inc. into a successful, full service boutique lab.

Today, Allie is the Technical Education Specialist at The Ottawa Dental Laboratory in Ottawa, IL. Her career of 36+ years has given her a boundless amount of knowledge that stems from education and experience. Allie is committed to pass this knowledge to the next generation of dental technicians and influence young technicians to take dental technology to an entirely new level.



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