As dentistry evolves into the digital world, the successful incorporation of computerization and new technology will continue to provide more efficient methods of communication and fabrication. The utilization of new digital technology will continue to enhance the close cooperation and working relationship of the dentist/technician team, while at the same time retaining the individual creativity and artistry of the skilled dental technician and dentist.

These advancements are not something that will “eventually” emerge in the market, they are realities that are currently being released to further revolutionize the quality of dental care that is being delivered in modern restorative dentistry. The progressive digital laboratory will have the potential to become the ultimate facilitator of design and communication between all specialties of restorative dentistry involved in patient care, as we now have the ability to diagnosis, treatment plan and restore on a virtual patient with multiple combined data sets.

Aspects to be covered:

  • Learn how to create the virtual patient: with Bellus3D Facial scanning, CT scans, IOS scans.
  • Learn how to use a digital facebow and transfer to the digital articulator.
  • Explore new ways to achieve optimal Dentist/Surgeon/Technician teamwork, using digital communication and design, and new-shared responsibilities.
  • Understand the Restorative services that the Digital laboratory can offer, from simple restorations, Digital Dentures, Orthodontics, to complex Implant and Maxillofacial surgery, using Bellus3D face scanning technology.


Lee Culp, CDT
CEO | Sculpture Studios

Lee Culp, CDT, is the CEO of Sculpture Studios, Sculpture Academy, and is a recognized pioneer in Digital Dentistry and advanced functional aesthetic dentistry.  He holds true to a belief that the attainment of perfection in restorative dentistry can only be harnessed through a unique combination of skillful application coupled with superior knowledge.  As a world-renowned innovator and educator, he maintains an unparalleled focus and commitment to understanding the revolutionary, often complex, changes that continue to influence modern aesthetic dentistry.  Thus, he lends his vision and talent to developing the related materials and communications standards necessary to ensure the most realistic opportunities for success and gratification. This has proven to be especially important for those discriminating dental professionals who maintain a higher profile, cutting-edge practice philosophy.

He is a leading resource/inventor for many of the materials, products, and techniques used in dentistry today, and holds numerous patents for his ideas and products.  Lee writes many articles per year, and his writing, photography, and teaching style have brought him international recognition, as one of today’s most exciting lecturers and innovative artisans in the specialty of digital dentistry, dental ceramics and functional esthetics.

Joel Aviles
Digital Dental Technician/TSR

Joel Aviles, CDT, is an accomplished Digital Dental designer, and talented ceramics technician, helping to create beautiful smiles for our clients and their patients.

He is an honors graduate of Durham Technical College, where he completed his Associate in Applied Science degree in Dental Technology, he then worked in several laboratories before joining Sculpture Studios.

Like most of the Sculpture Studios Team, Joel loves being outdoors, especially spending time camping and fishing, in our beautiful state of North Carolina. And, if ever questioned about his expertise, he has a big ass ax strapped to the top of his Jeep…



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