Digital Dentistry Training Series


About The Event

Tech Training

As the current global crisis continues to ripple through the dental industry, it is causing downtime for many of us. The team at Whip Mix wants to take this opportunity to support you by providing opportunities for you to expand your knowledge.

Join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, for the next several weeks, for our FREE Digital Dentistry Training Series as we dive into important and relevant subjects in the dental industry.

Whip Mix is offering this series as an opportunity to learn together, exchange information, and to network in a welcoming environment.

Topics will include where we are and where we’re going, the fabrication of digital dentures, clinical considerations for digital dentistry, an easy method for shading zirconia, making your own aligners and splints, 3D printing, etc.

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The Speakers

Cory Lambertson_HS
Cory Lambertson
Technical Specialist Manager
As a certified 3Shape, Roland, and Asiga Trainer, he develops and conducts CAD/CAM equipment & software training and provides technical support/assistance to our digital customers. Before joining Whip Mix, he worked for 2-years at Heartland Dental Laboratory, in Hillsdale Michigan, as a 3Shape Cad/Cam Technician. Cory received his Bachelors of Science in Finance from Andrews University in Berrien Springs, Michigan.
Evan Kemper_HS
Evan Kemper, RG CDT
Applications Engineer
As a Certified 3Shape and Roland trainer, he develops and conducts CAD/CAM equipment & software training and provides technical support/assistance to our digital customers. Evan is a graduate of Lexington, KY's Bluegrass Community & Technical College in Dental Laboratory Technology and received his Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Transylvania University in Lexington, KY.
Bryce Hiller_HS-1
Bryce Hiller
Digital Support Specialist
Bryce Hiller has an Associate’s Degree in Information Sciences from Indiana-Wesleyan University and received his lab experience in his family lab, where he was instrumental in transitioning the lab from analog to digital. He is a Digital Support Specialist at Whip Mix in 3Shape design, 3D printing, and milling. Bryce has a passion for empowering dental professionals through education in digital technology.


Week of May 11th

May 11 - The Whip Mix VeriBuild 3D Printer
Cory and Bryce
Are you interested in jumping into the 3d printing world? Join Bryce and Cory as they cover the ins and outs of the all New Whip Mix VeriBuild 3D Printer.
May 13 - Bellus3D Integration with 3Shape
Evan and Bryce
Are you interested in learning how to merge your Bellus3D Scans into your 3Shape Dental System? Let Evan and Bryce walk you through this process in how to streamline real 3d facial scans into your design software.
May 15 - What’s New in 3Shape 2020
Evan, Bryce, & Special Guest Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith, CDT, along with Bryce and Evan, will cover the newly released features of the Dental System 2020 software, including powerful functionalities, new dental indications, simplified and intuitive user interface, powerful tools, more automation, faster workflows and improved order management. Learn how these features can help smooth your lab's production.

Week of May 18th: Surgical Guides 101

May 18 - Surgical Guide Design with Implant Studio
Cory and Evan
In this first session, Cory and Evan will show you how to design a tooth supported surgical guide using 3Shape’s Implant Studio.
May 20 - Advanced Surgical Guide Design with Implant Studio
Cory and Evan
In this second session, Cory and Evan will show you how to design edentulous surgical guides within 3Shape’s Implant Studio.
May 22 - 3D Printing Tips and Tricks for Surgical Guides
Cory and Evan
Evan and Cory conclude this series with tips and tricks for 3d printing surgical guides with an Asiga Max 3D Printer and VeriGuide OS resin.

Week of May 25th: Removable Partial Denture 101

May 26 - Traditional RPD Design
Cory and Bryce
In this first session, Bryce and Cory will navigate through the 3Shape software for designing traditional removable partial dentures in 3Shape Dental System.
May 27 - RPD Flexible Design
Cory and Bryce
Looking to go flexible? In this second session, Bryce and Cory will show you how to manipulate the 3Shape Dental System Software to be able to design a flexible style removable partial denture.
May 29 - RPD Flipper Design
Cory and Bryce
Are you about to flip out over flippers? Bryce and Cory will show you how to keep calm and design a flipper style removable partial denture in 3Shape Dental System software.

Week of June 1st: 3Shape Copy Tips and Tricks 101

June 1 - Copy Mill Basic
Evan and Bryce
Do you still want to integrate traditional manufacturing methods into digital dentistry? In this first session, Bryce and Evan will show you how to scan existing wax crowns and turn them into files ready for digital manufacturing.
June 3 - Copy Mill Advanced
Evan and Bryce
Ready for the next step? In this second session, Bryce and Evan will show you how to copy a custom screw retained bridge using the copy mill function.
June 5 - Copy Denture
Evan and Bryce
The game changer! 3Shape released with Dental System 2019.3 the ability to copy an existing denture and manipulate the design. Join us in this final session with Bryce and Evan as they show you the process.

Week of June 8th

June 8 - Toronto Bridge Design
Cory and Bryce
Within 3Shape 2020 the ability to properly design Toronto bridges is finally streamlined. Join with Bryce and Cory as they show you new process of designing a Toronto Bridge.
June 10 - Advanced Denture Design
Evan and Bryce
Bryce and Evan take a deeper dive into designing digital dentures. Join them as they cover advanced techniques in producing truly digital dentures.
June 12 - Custom Impression Tray
Cory and Bryce
The forgotten digital indication. In this training, Cory and Bryce will show you how to scan, design, and print a custom impression tray using a 3Shape E3 Scanner, 3Shape Dental System, and an Asiga 3D Printer.