Lean Manufacturing concentrates on identifying and removing waste, MUDA, in any production system. MURA exists when workflow is out of balance and workload is inconsistent and not incompliance with the standard. MURI occurs when there is when a team member or a piece of equipment that is asked to do more than they are designed and scheduled to do. Dental labs have an unpredictable number of cases arriving throughout the day as well as the day of the week. As these cases enter the production cycle the various tasks have vastly different completion times thereby creating an erratic flow that often results in batch sizes that are unwieldy and difficult to handle.

This session will deal on how you can use Lean Tools to: 

  • Design the system with sufficient capacity to fulfill customer requirements without overburdening people, equipment, or methods (MURI)
  • Strive to reduce variation/fluctuation to a bare minimum (MURA)
  • Then strive to eliminate sources of waste! (MUDA)


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Robert E. Long