This webinar will cover the current state of 3D printing technology and the printers presently in the market. It will discuss the Asiga printer capabilities, and what we at Whip Mix believe the future holds for additive print technologies.

In this webinar, the attendees will learn:

  • About the different types of 3D printing
  • The differences between brands of 3D Printers
  • What is accuracy is Print Manufacturing?
  • How light activated resins work
  • The difference between additive and reductive manufacturing



Craig Pickett, CDT, RG, T.E.
Technical Support Manager | Whip Mix

Craig A. Pickett is NBC certified in Crown & Bridge with Technologist designation. A 30 year CDT, Craig is currently Technical Support Manager for Whip Mix Corporation. In 2014, Craig was the recipient of the NADL Excellence in Education Award.



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