Many labs have adopted some Lean techniques to improve their work flow and ultimately their bottom line but have now allowed some waste to slip back into their processes. These labs have one common missing ingredient: They lack a Lean Champion. Traditionally labs have believed that the leader must be the Lab Owner or Manager(s), however, some labs have shown that to be false thinking. We have been shown that many successful transformations have come from team members taking the initiative and instituting Lean techniques that drive other team members, which caught the attention of management to adopt the Lean thinking.

Who in your lab has that Champion attitude? Rebecca and Larry Lacy of the Pinnacle group join Bob Long to help identify the likely team members to lead the process and will explain how it may be sustained and driven. Are you a “driver”, the “analytic,” or the “amiable” team member that helps the “driver” sustain the process? Join us to learn to identify each team member type and the role they play in a successful Lean transition.


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Robert E. Long
Rebecca and Larry Lacy
The Pinnacle Group