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Steam, Stick, and Spray, oh my! Tips for Cleaning Your Articulator

As a company, Whip Mix has its name in over 70 dental schools across the US, Canada and Puerto Rico. Whether your school...

4 Compelling Reasons You Should Think Outside Of the Reline

I got my start in the dental industry in *ahem* 1993, back home in Columbus, Ohio. At the young age of 5, my mother would...

My Whip Mix has stopped! What do I do?

I get many calls from dental technicians and dealers saying that my Whip Mix (a.k.a. vacuum mixer) has stopped. It is...

5 Lessons Learned While Working with Preference Soft Denture Liner

We are coming up shortly to the end of the second year of the introduction of the Preference Soft Denture Liner, so I...

8 Pro Tips to Fabricating a Successful Working Model Using the MainStay Pinning System

I've fabricated my fair share of working models throughout my career as a Technician and have learn that sometimes things go...

MaxAlign & The Edentulous Patient

Function and esthetics go hand in hand, and being able to deliver a set of dentures that fit correctly as well as looks nice...

3 Things to Consider When Coloring Full Contour Zirconia

Let’s face it, achieving spot on shades with full contour zirconia isn’t always easy. There are so many variables that can...


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