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Water Bath Maintenance and Care

The Whip Mix Water Bath, be it the older analog or digital version, will require routine preventative maintenance from time...

Selecting the Right Wax for Dental Applications

There are a number of different waxes used in the dental industry and how and when you use them is determined by a number of...

The Lower Lingual Extension Using Preference Soft Denture Liner

With Removable Cases, the lower is often the greatest source of headache. The suction we rely on to retain the upper denture...

The liquid has stopped on my Aquaspense, what do I do?

One of the frustrations of Colloidal Silica (special liquid) for phosphate investments is the fact that it can crystallize...

Roland Quick Tip: How to keep track of your milling bur life

A common question that I receive is, "How do I track my milling bur lifespan?'' There is no greater annoyance than having...

Dazzle PS vs Pumice as a Choice for Polishing Acrylic

The most common product used for polishing acrylic has typically been pumice; usually starting with a coarse grit and moving...

Chairside vs Lab Processed Soft Denture Liner

In previous blogs I’ve talked about why Preference Soft Denture Liner material is better than chairside soft reline...


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