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Bringing the Year to a Close: What’s in Your Plan?

Sometimes as technicians, we find ourselves caught up in the frantic nature of this time of the year. With insurance periods...

3 Places to Get Unique Holiday Gifts for Dental Professionals

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is taking the day to spend with family and friends because once the turkey coma fades...

Three Factors Changing the Future of Dental Lab Business

The future..

The business environment for the dental lab will not undergo a sudden, dramatic change but the changes will...

Regulations: The Use of "Off-The-Shelf" Chemicals in The Dental lab

With the New Year comes the need to review all of our regulations and make sure that our labs are up to standard. This...

7 Must Read Articles to Inspire You in 2017

Congratulations! We have officially made it through the holiday season and are already a week into the New Year. By now, you...

Our Top 10 Blog Articles of 2016 (and a few you may have Missed)

It's hard to believe that 2016 is coming to a close. It has been another exciting year for Whip Mix and the dental industry....


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