Going Digital in the Small Lab:  The Best Move You Will Ever Make!

Presented by Al Fillastre, CDT | Owner, Ceram-O-Arts Dental Studio

8:30am - 10:00pm | Salon III


Many small lab owners are still on the fence about making the decision to bring their lab into the digital age. The fears surrounding making this decision range from the perceived high cost and the confusing technology to the seemingly overwhelming logistics. While making the transition does involve a commitment to the process, most, if not all, of these fears will never materialize.


The results of the journey will provide excitement and benefits far beyond what you can even imagine: Increased productivity and profitability, improved quality, control, and consistency, increased product and material offerings, and last but not least, a new-found energy and excitement for Dental Technology! This lecture will focus on the 3Shape Scanner and Design software and will chronicle the process and results in a small high quality lab.

Growing a Small Lab with Old World Craftsmanship & New Age Technology

Presented by: Gary Iocco | Owner, Dimension Dental Design

10:30am - 12:30pm | Salon III


The description ‘flat’ when describing sales may be viewed as acceptable in some dental laboratories, but it does not translate into being ‘profitable’. Now more than ever before, laboratory owners – especially small laboratories - must be more productive with less. The changing economy, overseas outsourcing and chairside CAD CAM are relatively new challenges that are making labs look more closely at their businesses and make dynamic changes in their manufacturing output, including quality and volume.


Come to this presentation by a real world lab owner and learn how one small lab has found the way to adopt digital technology while still maintaining old world craftsmanship. Our speaker, Gary Iocco, will explain how making the decision to introduce CAD/CAM into his small laboratory has increased profitability and enabled his lab to thrive in both the local and global economy.