Prevent warranty work before you get started. You’re restoring your patient’s teeth, their smile looks great and the occlusion is ideal. You know this patient clenches or grinds their teeth, but is a vulnerable airway triggering damaging bruxism? 

Before you order an occlusal splint, make sure that the patient’s airway is open. Determine if a single arch split or a dual arch appliance will best protect against bruxism while NOT impacting the airway. Single arch splints often introduce a risk to a vulnerable airway making bruxism worse. Learn how the Bruxism Monitor, which measures the airway and bruxism, will provide you with the data needed to make the best decision for your patient.

In addition this webinar will cover:
  • A new transitional oral appliance, the BRX PRO
  • The range of services available including access to registered polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT) for data reads, dental reports, medical reports, and a network of sleep physicians.




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Jeff Wyscarver, RPSGT
President DDME

Jeff Wyscarver is a registered polysomnographic technologist (RPSGT) and president of DDME, a company that brings sleep lab technology and services to the dental community.