2018 Digital Forum

Helping Labs Thrive in the Digital Age
September 20 - 21, 2018
Louisville, KY

About The Event

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The Digital Evolution is here in a big way. It requires any laboratory that is involved to purchase new equipment and materials, to readjust the labs understanding of technology and workflow and most of all, it requires education. To this end, Whip Mix started the Digital Forum back in 2012, when it provided the opportunity to put experts and those learning together for 2 days to exchange information and to network in a welcoming environment.

The same opportunity has been offered every year since, as advanced skills become necessary to keep up with the increasing dependence on our changing digital landscape.

This year, Whip Mix is proud to present its 7th Annual 2-day Digital Forum on September 20 and 21, 2018. The event features well-known experts in CAD CAM technology and covers the most important and prevalent subjects in the dental industry including the state of the digital component of our industry, the fabrication of digital dentures, shading zirconia, making your own aligners, 3D printing, implant workflow and many other relevant and timely topics. This popular event has been very well received and we attract many labs back year after year. Join us for what will surely be one of the most educational opportunities of the year.

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The Speakers

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Bennett Napier
National Association of Dental Laboratories (NADL)
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Carl Horrocks
3Shape A/S
Speaker Image
Al Fillastre, CDT
Ceram-O-Arts Dental Lab
Speaker Image
Mark Williamson CDT, DTG
Ottawa Dental Lab
Speaker Image
Charley Fager, CDT
Fager Dental Lab
Speaker Image
Al Hodges, CDT
Highland Dental Arts
Speaker Image
Gary Morgan
SafeLink Consulting
Speaker Image
Justin Elsey
CEO, Asiga


Keynote Speaker | Bennett Napier
Since 2011, NADL has conducted an annual third party research report on “Materials and Equipment Trends”. This presentation will review multiyear trends from NADL’s research on product segmentation (what’s growing, what’s not) trends, equipment utilization trends and production outcomes for a digital dental laboratory business model.
3Shape Ortho Module for Your Lab’s Aligners | Carl Horrocks
The attractive clear aligner market is wide open. New digital technologies and recently expired patents mean more open options for clear aligner providers and the opportunity for both dentist and dental laboratories to enter the profitable clear aligner market with 3Shape.
Working Within FDA Regulations in the CAD/CAM World | Gary Morgan
CAD/CAM technology has become the norm in most dental laboratories, becoming easier for any size laboratory to incorporate into their manufacturing processes. So easy in fact that sometimes lab owners put the cart before the horse and think that buying the equipment allows them to use it any way they want. From printing models to customizing implant abutments, this program will discuss the FDA requirements and implications for CAD/CAM in the dental laboratory.
Finally...A Simple, Consistent and Predictable Technique for Esthetic Zirconia Shading | Al Fillastre, CDT
Achieving consistent zirconia shade matching can be an ongoing challenge for any lab. Whip Mix manufactures the Vericore family of zirconia products, which can be accurately and easily shaded with several coloring systems, but an understanding of the handling requirements of the materials is necessary to achieve consistency. This program will offer an almost paint-by-numbers approach to shading zirconia and practical tips to shorten the learning curve with a simplified custom coloring technique that is easy, effective and predictable.
A Comprehensive Compendium of Digital Denture Manufacturing | Mark Williamson, CDT DTG
Mark will discuss procedures, materials and manufacturing options available today for dental laboratories exploring Digital Denture Manufacturing. Researching each system can take a lot of valuable time and Mark has compiled it into a 2 hour presentation for dental labs to use as an informative resource. You’ll receive a full understanding of how Digital Dentures are manufactured. Learn about open source and closed sourced systems, print vs. milled, instruments and resources needed to service digital denture technology, and the short and long term results. Mark will walk you through the different companies whom you can choose to partner for manufacturing, training, tech support, best warranties and best value.
Affordable Digital Manufacturing | Justin Elsey
Asiga 3D Printers have become extremely popular in the dental technology industry simply because they are fast, accurate, and affordable. This live program, Skyped from Australia covers the features of the open system printer models and will compare them. Designed for both desktop precision and large scale production, Asiga printers efficiently produce dental models, surgical guides, splints, casting/pressing patterns, partial denture frameworks and custom impression trays.
Understanding Digital Implant Workflow | Charles Fager, CDT
This program will help you build relationships with specialists, general dentists and implant companies by offering unique provisional implant and final restorations. Understand the “nuts and bolts” of digital implant workflow: DMEs, impression copings and the variety of DIMs (digital implant model analogs). Verification, validation and implementation of fully digital and hybrid workflows using the Asiga Pro 2 75 3D Printer to produce accurate models necessary for digital implant cases.
Leveraging your Digital Investment Through Digital Diagnostics and Value Added Services | Al Fillastre, CDT
As anyone in the dental laboratory industry knows, Digital technology is rapidly overtaking the analog world in almost all technology sectors. While this can seem quite overwhelming, it also creates countless opportunities to improve efficiency and quality, save tons of time, and grow your businesses by offering many new products and services to your clients. One of the most exciting and potentially profitable areas is digital diagnostics. At first glance, it might seem somewhat limited in its scope, but leveraged to its fullest, it offers incredible advantages in everything from smile design utilizing virtual articulation to accurate and predictable tissue management for implant cases, and a whole range of exciting restorative applications including maryland bridges, orthotics, custom appliances, and much, much more. Combined with the ability to utilize Model Builder and your printer to produce diagnostic models and mock-ups for case presentation, it is quite possibly the most powerful and productive tool in all of digital design. Not only that, it is quite simple to easily re-use everything when moving from diagnostics to final restorations. If you want to learn how to leverage this exciting workflow into new ideas for making life easier in the lab, creating new profit centers, and becoming an indispensable asset to your doctors, then this program is for you.
From Analog to Digital Pressing: A Life-Changer | Al Hodges, CDT
Pressed ceramics is still one of the most popular indirect restorative materials and techniques in use today. Very few materials rival its esthetics and natural appearance. Historically, technicians have fabricated pressed ceramic restorations by waxing, spruing, investing, and burning out the wax. They then inject a molten porcelain and apply constant hydraulic pressure as the porcelain cools and shrinks. While today’s procedure remains similar, the burnout materials are very different. Instead of wax, resins are 3D printed, then subjected to the same process. Printed resins offer several advantages over wax, including dimensional stability, resistance to heat warpage, strength, accuracy and production volume, since wax patterns are made one-at-a-time, and multiple printed resin patterns may be printed simultaneously. This presentation will document the combination of pressing and printing technologies into the workflow of a small laboratory and show how this one change improved the quality of not only the work, but of the life of the owner.

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Testimonials from Past Attendees

“Just wanted to let you how much I enjoyed the Forum. Greg Harris was as entertaining as any speaker I've heard, and with inspirational information: Dr. Nunnally has me wanting to immerse myself in implantology.

In general, this Forum gets the "juices" flowing again. In addition you treat all of us like royalty, so, from me, a big Thank You!”

Doyle Bowles
Far Off Cows Dental Ceramics

"So what did I think about the Digital Forum? I'm so happy that I had the chance to go to it. I learned more than I ever expected.

The Whip Mix staff is like no other - they are warm, passionate and caring people. My hats off to you all!”

David Monteath
Pearldent Laboratories

The Venue

Whip Mix Corporation

361 Farmington Ave, Louisville KY 40209